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If you have any kind of waste that you need to be taken care of in London, we are the people who will do it for you at extremely nominal rates. You get a free estimate prior to work commencement.

Call us today to inquire about our waste removal services.

We will send a team to handle your rubbish clearance task.

We will send your waste to be disposed of or recycled in the most appropriate way.



Efficient and friendly service; the soda was promptly attended to. The guys were friendly and talkative. Excellent service overall. Thank you.

Jamie Silver 2024-07-18

Speedy and cost-effective. Set up swiftly and collected as promised.

Alex Blunt 2024-07-08

Excellent and respectful help from a team that's supportive through thick and thin. Thank you, Rubbish Clearance Service.

Mona H. 2024-06-09

Outstanding job dismantling and removing our shed. The team was amazing, committed to their work. Fair price for responsible recycling center disposal. Thank you!

Lawrence 2024-05-30

If you want a seamless experience, look no further than Rubbish Collection London. They have proven themselves to be highly reliable and accommodating during both times I used their services in recent weeks.

Guy Hammerstein 2024-05-17

We were thoroughly impressed by the efficiency and professionalism displayed by Rubbish Removal London during our clearance job. They did an outstanding job from start to finish.

Sofia Manatos 2024-04-29

If you want hassle-free and timely rubbish removal, then Rubbish Removal Clearance is the company to call. Their professionalism and expertise set them apart from the rest.

Greg O. 2024-04-11

With their fast yet thorough work, my messy garden was cleaned up in no time by this amazing team. And their prices are unbeatable for such high-quality services! Would highly recommend without hesitation.

Stacey Baker 2024-03-28

The van for transport came in immaculate condition, arrived promptly and was parked exactly where we asked.

John H. 2024-03-15

If professionalism is at the top of your list when looking for a rubbish clearance service, then look no further - this is the one for you.

Macy W 2024-03-05

Illegal dumping, also known as fly-tipping, is a serious issue plaguing the streets and neighborhoods of London. It refers to the illegal disposal of waste in areas such as parks, street corners, and even private property. This irresponsible act not only damages the environment but also costs taxpayers millions of pounds every year. The consequences of illegal dumping go far beyond just being an eyesore - it poses significant health and safety risks and has a detrimental impact on the city's overall economy. It is time to take action against this expensive problem and address the root causes.

The Cost of Illegal Dumping

The financial burden caused by illegal dumping in London is staggering. According to government data, local authorities spend around ?58 million each year to clean up after fly-tipping incidents. In addition, there are also costs associated with repairing any damage done to public or private property, such as graffiti or broken fences. These expenses fall on the taxpayers, who are already struggling with increasing living costs in the city.

Apart from these direct costs, there are also indirect costs that come with illegal dumping. The accumulation of waste attracts vermin and pests, creating potential health hazards for locals. The toxins and chemicals present in the dumped waste can also contaminate water sources and harm wildlife. This environmental damage requires substantial resources to fix and can have long-term effects on the city's ecosystem.


The Root Causes of Illegal Dumping

One of the main reasons behind illegal dumping is the lack of proper waste management infrastructure. With cuts to local council budgets, many areas have reduced their waste collection services or introduced fees for bulky items. This has led some individuals to resort to illegal dumping as a cheaper alternative.

Moreover, there is a lack of awareness among certain communities about responsible waste disposal practices. Some may not have access to proper waste facilities or may not understand the environmental impact of their actions. This highlights the need for education and outreach programs to address these issues.

Taking Action Against Illegal Dumping

To tackle this issue, it is crucial to address the root causes. Local authorities must invest in waste management infrastructure and provide accessible and affordable waste disposal options to the public. Governments should also collaborate with community groups to raise awareness about responsible waste disposal and the consequences of illegal dumping.

Strengthening enforcement measures is also essential. The Mayor of London has implemented a "zero-tolerance" approach to fly-tipping, increasing fines for offenders and using surveillance cameras to catch culprits in the act. However, more can be done by implementing stricter penalties and actively prosecuting those responsible for illegal dumping.

The Pros and Cons of Enforcement Measures

While stricter enforcement measures may act as a deterrent for some individuals, it can also have negative consequences. Some may feel that increased fines and surveillance are intrusive, especially in areas where illegal dumping is prevalent due to lack of access to proper waste facilities. The focus should be on addressing the root causes instead of solely relying on punishment.

Tips for Prevention

Prevention is always better than cure. Here are some tips to prevent illegal dumping in your area:

- Properly dispose of your own waste and encourage others to do the same.
- Educate your community on responsible waste disposal practices.
- Report any incidents of illegal dumping promptly.
- Join or support local clean-up initiatives.



Illegal dumping not only damages the environment but also has significant financial implications for communities. To combat this issue effectively, there needs to be collaboration between governments, local authorities, and individuals. Improving waste management infrastructure, raising awareness, and enforcing stricter penalties can help reduce illegal dumping in London.


It's time we take a stand against the expensive effects of illegal dumping in London. By addressing the root causes and implementing effective prevention strategies, we can create a cleaner, safer, and healthier city for all. Let's work together to make responsible waste management a priority and take action against this costly problem. Remember, every small effort counts towards creating a more sustainable future for our city.


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