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If you have any kind of waste that you need to be taken care of in London, we are the people who will do it for you at extremely nominal rates. You get a free estimate prior to work commencement.

Call us today to inquire about our waste removal services.

We will send a team to handle your rubbish clearance task.

We will send your waste to be disposed of or recycled in the most appropriate way.



Efficient and friendly service; the soda was promptly attended to. The guys were friendly and talkative. Excellent service overall. Thank you.

Jamie Silver 2024-07-18

Speedy and cost-effective. Set up swiftly and collected as promised.

Alex Blunt 2024-07-08

Excellent and respectful help from a team that's supportive through thick and thin. Thank you, Rubbish Clearance Service.

Mona H. 2024-06-09

Outstanding job dismantling and removing our shed. The team was amazing, committed to their work. Fair price for responsible recycling center disposal. Thank you!

Lawrence 2024-05-30

If you want a seamless experience, look no further than Rubbish Collection London. They have proven themselves to be highly reliable and accommodating during both times I used their services in recent weeks.

Guy Hammerstein 2024-05-17

We were thoroughly impressed by the efficiency and professionalism displayed by Rubbish Removal London during our clearance job. They did an outstanding job from start to finish.

Sofia Manatos 2024-04-29

If you want hassle-free and timely rubbish removal, then Rubbish Removal Clearance is the company to call. Their professionalism and expertise set them apart from the rest.

Greg O. 2024-04-11

With their fast yet thorough work, my messy garden was cleaned up in no time by this amazing team. And their prices are unbeatable for such high-quality services! Would highly recommend without hesitation.

Stacey Baker 2024-03-28

The van for transport came in immaculate condition, arrived promptly and was parked exactly where we asked.

John H. 2024-03-15

If professionalism is at the top of your list when looking for a rubbish clearance service, then look no further - this is the one for you.

Macy W 2024-03-05

Easter is a time for celebration, family gatherings, and most importantly, Easter eggs. Every year, millions of colorful eggs are dyed, decorated, and hidden for children to find. But what happens to all those eggs after the festivities are over? Many people simply toss them in the trash or compost bin, not realizing that there are better ways to dispose of them. In this article, we will explore the various ways you can reuse and recycle your Easter eggs, helping to reduce waste and make a positive impact on the environment.

The Benefits of Reusing and Recycling Easter Eggs

Before we dive into the different ways you can reuse and recycle your Easter eggs, let's take a look at why it's important to do so.

- Reduce Waste: By reusing or recycling your Easter eggs, you are preventing them from ending up in landfills where they can take years to decompose. This helps to reduce waste and lessen our impact on the environment.
- Save Money: Instead of buying new egg decorating supplies each year, reusing your old ones can save you money. Plus, recycling items such as egg cartons can earn you some extra cash.
- Creative Outlet: Reusing and recycling Easter eggs allows you to get creative and come up with unique ways to repurpose them. It's a fun activity for both children and adults.


Ways to Reuse Your Easter Eggs

1. Make Egg Salad or Deviled Eggs: After dyeing your Easter eggs, hard boil them and turn them into delicious egg salad or deviled eggs. This is a great way to use up those eggs without wasting any food.

2. Use Them as Plant Fertilizer: Crushed eggshells are rich in calcium carbonate, which makes them an excellent fertilizer for plants. Simply crush the shells and sprinkle them around the base of your plants for added nutrients.

3. Arts and Crafts: Get creative with your Easter eggs by turning them into various art projects such as eggshell mosaics, hanging ornaments, or even a mini garden. The possibilities are endless.

4. DIY Candles: Empty eggshells can be transformed into beautiful candles by filling them with wax and a wick. You can even add fragrances or colors for a personalized touch.

Ways to Recycle Your Easter Eggs

1. Compost Them: Instead of throwing your unused hard-boiled eggs in the trash, compost them along with other food waste. This will not only reduce waste but also enrich your soil with valuable nutrients.

2. Donate to Animal Shelters: Many animal shelters accept donations of hard-boiled eggs to feed their animals. This is a great way to give back to the community and help out our furry friends.

3. Use Egg Cartons for Storage: Empty egg cartons can be reused as storage containers for small items such as jewelry, office supplies, or crafts materials. They can also be used as seed starters for gardening.

The Pros and Cons of Reusing and Recycling Easter Eggs

- Reduces waste and helps the environment
- Saves money
- Provides a creative outlet

- Can be time-consuming
- May not always be suitable for all types of eggs (i.e. dyed plastic eggs)
- Requires proper cleaning before reuse or recycling

Tips for Reusing and Recycling Easter Eggs

1. Choose Natural Dyes: Instead of using store-bought dyes, opt for natural options such as turmeric, beet juice, or tea leaves. This not only creates beautiful colors but also makes the eggs safe for consumption if you choose to reuse them.

2. Handle With Care: When reusing or recycling your Easter eggs, make sure to handle them with care to avoid cracking or breaking. This will ensure that they can be used or recycled properly.

3. Check Local Guidelines: Depending on where you live, there may be specific guidelines for recycling eggshells or cartons. Make sure to check with your local waste management agency to ensure proper disposal.



When it comes to Easter eggs, there are plenty of ways to give them a second life instead of throwing them away. Reusing and recycling your eggs not only helps the environment but also offers a fun and creative outlet for the whole family. With a little bit of effort, we can all make a positive impact on our planet.

In Conclusion

Don't let those wrappers go to waste! This Easter, consider reusing or recycling your eggs to reduce waste, save money, and get creative. Whether it's turning them into delicious food, utilizing them in arts and crafts projects, or donating them to animal shelters, there are plenty of ways to repurpose your Easter eggs. By taking these small steps, we can all contribute towards a cleaner and greener planet.


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